Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Jeff Silberman of Folio Literary Management

Jeff Silberman is a literary agent at Folio Literary Management.

Folio Literary Management is a boutique literary agency (if 18 agents still qualifies as boutique) with vast resources. We represent a wide range of authors, including Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, celebrities, journalists, novelists, humorists, scholars, chefs, and other distinguished authors. We have had the good fortune of representing over 100 bestsellers in the past 5 years.


“I’m a new horizon hunter. My interests are wide, my passions run deep, and the books I represent cut a wide swath. A videogame impresario who has explored new technology, outer space, and the ocean’s depths with equal passion. A neuroscientist who created ground breaking technology for studying the brain, and whose prose is utterly stunning. A rock and roll legend who bares his soul. A scholar in Timbuktu who risked his life to save ancient Egyptian and African manuscripts that helped pave the way for Western civilization. A biomedical engineer bridging the gap between art and science, and creating things that matter. An ingénue who left rural North Carolina and found womanhood as she became a part of the cultural explosion of Fellini’s Rome and the French New Wave. A Hall of Famer the players nicknamed God.

“There’s nothing quite like rich narrative nonfiction or a daring memoir. Making science and technology sing. Savoring food, diving deep into important social issues – or the animal kingdom… I haven’t done a math book yet, but I’d love to. History? I’m in. Humor, health, pop culture – there’s pretty much no category of nonfiction that doesn’t intrigue me and for which I wouldn’t happily accept an invitation to take a ride.

“Fiction: I am currently representing a number of novelists working on their debuts, and their work runs the gamut from book club / commercial to literary, and in one case, literary hilarious. I’d love more.

“I seek books that in some way leave us different than we were before. It could be because a new world was opened up to us, or our relationship to the one we thought we knew was changed, because we learned something, or had our hearts opened wide, or simply guffawed nonstop.

“I work closely with everyone I represent, from editorial input to deal making to marketing, and all points in between. Heart and soul.”


Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, books on serial killers, fictional plagues, Romance (love stories OK), Plays, Teleplays, Screenplays

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