Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Elisa Moles of Painted Fire Literary Agency

Elisa Moles is a literary agent with Painted Fire Literary Agency.

She is seeking: Especially interested in upmarket fiction. “In one word, what defines fantastic fiction narrative? Consequences. Consequences give structure. And stories with cohesive and creative structures, true to each writer’s background and voice, stand the test of time beyond the trendy topics and gimmicks of the day. I especially love psychologically complex characters. I’m looking for distinctive and compassionate voices who are telling organically unexpected stories in a wide variety of styles and genres. Surprise me.”

Please do not send: nonfiction, poetry, children’s books, middle grade, YA, graphic novels, screenplays, westerns, horror, nihilist, or erotic work.

A graduate of the Denver Publishing Institute, Elisa has fifteen years of distinctive experience coaching, developing, and elevating artists of all types. Her background in academia (with a doctorate in music performance and literature) has given her a comfort with diverse settings and voices, a critical eye, and an ability to “find the gap” in the marketplace for the written word. An agent must come to each writer on an individual basis, dependent upon their particular skills, personalities, needs, and aspirations. Working on art demands a tailored experience. This methodical process requires a true love for the hero’s journey that every artist travels. Elisa has a long history of editing and developing writers; currently, in the nonfiction sphere, she is an editor at The Collective, an online quarterly publication for musicians and artists that prizes critical writing, diverse thinking, and underrepresented voices. As a classical musician, Elisa has always understood what it takes for artist professionals to succeed; she has built Painted Fire to be an agency whose goal is not only to sell books, but to provide writers with the tools and community they need to maintain a lifestyle of creative productivity. There is a cacophony of content — a creative and empathetic representative acts to make sure the right work is heard above the noise.

“Needless to say, we are an equal opportunity agency and welcome submissions from all backgrounds, walks of life, and experience paradigms.”

No previously self-published works please.

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