Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: CoCo Freeman of the Linda Chester Literary Agency

CoCo Freeman is a literary agent with Linda Chester Literary Agency.

“I am a graduate of Bard College with a B.A. in Written Arts. Before joining Linda Chester, I worked for Tom Yoon Productions developing projects and editing existing material. I am very happy to have entered the world of my first love, books. I am looking for smart adult commercial fiction in a variety of genres, including mystery/thriller/suspense, fantasy, romance, women’s fiction and historical, Young/New Adult, Middle Grade and select picture books.”

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Sandy Lu of Book Wyrm Literary Agency

Sandy Lu founded Book Wyrm Literary Agency after working as a literary agent for more than a decade at other boutique agencies, including Peter Rubie Literary Agency, Anderson Literary Management, and most notably, the L. Perkins Agency.

Book Wyrm Literary Agency is actively looking for new and exciting voices in the following:

In fiction: literary and commercial fiction, mystery, thriller, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, horror, historical fiction, family saga, upmarket women’s fiction, and YA.

In nonfiction: narrative non-fiction, history, biography, science, business, psychology, pop culture, and food writing.

We do not represent poetry, screenplays, picture books, and books about parenting, religion/spirituality, and sports.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Sandy’s family moved to New York in her teens, so she understands the struggles of immigrants and those who straddle two cultures all too well.

Sandy holds BAs in psychology and sociology from Queens College, with minors in music, business, and Japanese. Prior to becoming an agent, she attended the Ph.D. Program in Social and Personality Psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center and worked as a business/operations manager in the theater industry.

Sandy’s areas of study and work experience greatly inform her interest in submissions. In fiction, she is seeking stories that will draw her in with a unique voice, make her miss her bedtime with a thrilling plot, and characters that will stay with her long after she turns the last page. Bonus points if you can make her laugh out loud or unable to hold back tears in public. Sandy especially loves historical fiction and anything dark, twisted, or with a supernatural bent.

In nonfiction, she’s looking for projects that can make connections about different topics in an unexpected way, explicate complex research for a general audience, introduce the reader to cutting-edged science or previously little known historical facts and figures, teach us new ways to think or clever skills that can improve our daily life, and expand our knowledge and understanding of the world—past, present, and future

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Lily Dolin of United Talent Agency

Lily Dolin is a literary agent with United Talent Agency. Lily represents clients in both fiction and nonfiction. In fiction, she is drawn to dark and offbeat humor, gripping narratives, strong commercial hooks, and nuanced female perspectives. She is not looking for historical fiction or thrillers. Short story collections are welcome. Wishlist: Upmarket, book club fiction, dark fiction, literary fiction, select mystery. She is currently only seeking fiction; no nonfiction at this time.

Lily graduated from New York University and currently lives in Manhattan.


Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Laurel Symonds of KT Literary

Laurel Symonds is a literary agent with kt literary.

I began my publishing career in the editorial department of HarperCollins Children’s Books where I worked with a number of award-winning and bestselling authors. I’ve also worked in the marketing department at a small publishing house, in a library, and as a bookseller at one of the nation’s best independent bookstores. What I love most about being an agent is being the author’s advocate through all the parts of the publication process.

I represent young adult and middle grade fiction, and I have a special interest in contemporary, historical fiction, and genre-blending fantasy. I look for engaging voices, commercial hooks, and immersive worlds. My YA tastes are pretty commercial but my middle grade tastes can skew more literary, and I’m especially interested in middle grade that might lend itself to illustration.

I also represent picture books, graphic novels, and other illustrated work, and I am open to new clients who are both authors and illustrators. My tastes are diverse, ranging from sophisticated to quirky to gently humorous. I especially appreciate a smart use of color and perspective.

Additionally, I represent select nonfiction for children and young adults, especially projects about STEM or history with age-appropriate hooks and series potential.

In every category, I’m particularly seeking voices that have previously been underrepresented and stories that have been overlooked.

Although there are exceptions to every rule, I am generally not the best fit for slapstick humor, heavy sci-fi, portal fantasy, time travel, rhyming texts, or “issue” books.

On a personal note, when I’m not reading, I enjoy baking, hiking, and spending time with my dog, Sherlock. Raised in rural New England and having spent a decade in New York City, London, and Chicago, I’m thrilled to have settled in the Pacific Northwest.

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Rebecca Lawrence of Booker Albert Literary Agency

Rebecca Lawrence is a literary agent with Booker Albert Literary Agency.

After graduating with a B.A. in Professional Writing, Rebecca completed internships with Christian Indie Publishing Association and ArtHouse Literary Agency before moving to Booker Albert Literary Agency.

​From a young age, she has been fascinated with epic worlds like LOTR and The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. Books with romantic elements like Ella Enchanted, The Goose Girl, and The Cruel Prince all have places in her top ten. She also adores historical fiction like The Wednesday Wars and iconic masterpieces like Monica Hesse’s They Went Left, but her all-time favorite novel has to be the grounded fantasy The Scorpio Races. Her favorite troupes are houses-with-personality (think House of Leaves or The Haunting of Hill House), zombie apocalypses like in the book World War Z, and underwater worlds.

Regardless of genre, Rebecca is looking for stories that have good pacing, grounded worlds, and believable characters. She is interested in fantasy of all kinds and anything that has a good hook. She would love to see more scary YA and MG historical fiction.

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Sheyla Knigge of High Line Literary Collective

Sheyla Knigge is a literary agent with High Line Literary Collective.

Sheyla Knigge (SHAY-luh KUH-nig-gee)is a budding publishing professional who comes to the industry with a lifelong love of reading under her belt. Having worked under Victoria Marini since 2021 she has had the immense pleasure of perusing a variety of books that have gone on to do incredibly well and cannot wait to do the same for her own clients soon. With just over a year’s experience sleuthing through slush piles for the next best seller, she is itching to dive into more manuscripts with Highline Literary Collective. When she’s not working you can find Sheyla tucked away writing, getting more tattoos, or spending time with her family in the Appalachian Mountains.

What to pitch:

Sheyla is very interested in books by marginalized creators who have yet to have the opportunity to have their voices heard particularly BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and other #OwnVoices as a fellow queer woman of color. She longs to see uplifting stories from these communities rather than ones that focus on the trauma that comes from being a part of them. Sheyla would love to see stories filled with myth, magic, and a healthy dose of smut when appropriate. Alternatively, she would love to see Percy Jackson-esque Middle Grade fiction; the type she can giggle along with as she reads them to her own children. Stories set in other lands, or other worlds tend to be her go to choice when reading so fill her inbox with them!

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Jaidree Braddix of Park & Fine Literary + Media

Jaidree Braddix is a literary agent with Park & Fine Literary + Media.

Jaidree represents a broad range of nonfiction authors who are changing the ways we think about, talk about, and move through the world we live in. Her clients are Guinness World Record-holding athletes, activists who are challenging societal standards and institutions, trailblazers who have created globally trending wellness movements, and acclaimed thought leaders in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, business, and organizational behavior. Specializing in platform-driven non-fiction, Jaidree is committed to helping authors turn their assets—be they courageous ideas, academic studies, foundations for social good, popular podcasts, transformative programs, or online communities—into compelling proposals and noteworthy books.

Following a couple years as a legal assistant, Jaidree got her start in publishing as a publicist at a small press, where her list included cookbooks, health and diet, memoir, lifestyle, business, personal development, and more. She was most recently an associate agent at Sterling Lord Literistic.

Jaidree holds a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Northern Colorado and an M.S. in Publishing from Pace University. She lives in Manhattan, surrounded by an ever-increasing number of house plants that were all deeply necessary purchases at the time.

Authors include: Mike Africa, Jr., Aaron Alexander, Michael Amster, MD, Brian Banks, Maggie Berghoff, MSN, FNP-C, Razi Berry, Dr. Jolene Brighten, Charles Chen, Jodi Cohen, Jake Eagle, Emily Falk, Rha Goddess, Wim Hof, Peter H. Kim, Amy Lacey, Rebecca Louise, Gloria Mark, Jason Nemer, Michelle & Keith Norris, Sarah Prout, Tobias Rose-Stockwell, Shivan Sarna, Dr. Tracey Shors, Debi Silber, Mark Sisson, Gin Stephens, Carol Tan, Joey Thurman, Mickey Trescott, Dr. Doni Wilson, Spencer Wolff

Get to Know a Literary Scout in Attendance: Rae Loverde of Donald Maass Literary Agency

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 6.06.26 PM.pngRae Loverde is an agent assistant at Donald Maass Literary Agency.

At the 2024 SWW, she will be acting as a literary scout — taking pitches at the workshop on behalf of one or multiple co-agents at her agency.

Her co-agent Cameron McClure is seeking the following:

  • projects that combine genre style plotting with literary quality writing
  • anything speculative
  • science-fiction and fantasy
  • mystery and suspense
  • horror
  • projects with multi-cultural, international, environmental, and LGBTQIA+ themes.
  • Some of Cameron’s clients include Robert McCammon, Robert Jackson Bennett, Ada Palmer, Micaiah Johnson, Jonathan French, S.B. Divya, Molly Tanzer, Andy Marino, Ruthanna Emrys, and Amy Alkon.

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Erica Bauman of Aevitas Creative Management

Erica Bauman is a literary agent with Aevitas Creative Management.

Erica represents a wide variety of authors across middle grade, young adult, and commercial adult fiction, including acclaimed YA author Andrew Auseon and Broadway performer Tiffany Haas.

Erica is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and has worked in the publishing industry since 2012. Prior to Aevitas, she worked at Spectrum Literary Agency.

Based in New York, Erica is most interested in commercial novels that feature an exciting premise and lyrical, atmospheric writing; imaginative, genre-blending tales; speculative worlds filled with haunting, quietly wondrous magic; fresh retellings of mythology, ballet, opera, and classic literature; sharply funny rom-coms; graphic novels for all ages; fearless storytellers that tackle big ideas and contemporary issues; and working with and supporting marginalized authors and stories that represent the wide range of humanity.

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Erin Clyburn of Howland Literary

Erin Clyburn is a literary agent with Howland Literary.

Prior to joining Howland Literary, Erin was an associate agent with The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency. She was the general manager and director of collection development for Turtleback Books, a distributor of books to the school and library market, and she has over a decade of experience in magazine publishing, having worked for brands including Food & Wine, Cooking Light, People, and Entertainment Weekly. She received her BA in English Literature from Mississippi State University and her MA in Children’s Literature from Hollins University. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with her partner, Michael, and four unruly rabbits.

She is seeking: Erin represents middle grade fiction, YA fiction, and adult fiction and nonfiction. In MG and YA, she is looking for horror, mystery, thriller, big-hearted contemporary, and grounded stories with magical or speculative elements. In adult fiction, she is most interested in upmarket and literary fiction, and she gravitates toward the dark and strange: horror, thriller, mystery, and grounded stories with speculative or magical elements. Send her your weirds. In nonfiction, she’s interested in intersectional perspectives and is looking for narrative nonfiction, memoir, and deep dives into topics including pop science, nature, food and culinary history, and sports and adventure. An Alabamian with Louisiana roots, Erin is particularly interested in Southern literary and upmarket fiction from diverse voices in the above genres. A more in-depth wishlist can be found on her website.