Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Sheyla Knigge of High Line Literary Collective

Sheyla Knigge is a literary agent with High Line Literary Collective.

Sheyla Knigge (SHAY-luh KUH-nig-gee)is a budding publishing professional who comes to the industry with a lifelong love of reading under her belt. Having worked under Victoria Marini since 2021 she has had the immense pleasure of perusing a variety of books that have gone on to do incredibly well and cannot wait to do the same for her own clients soon. With just over a year’s experience sleuthing through slush piles for the next best seller, she is itching to dive into more manuscripts with Highline Literary Collective. When she’s not working you can find Sheyla tucked away writing, getting more tattoos, or spending time with her family in the Appalachian Mountains.

What to pitch:

Sheyla is very interested in books by marginalized creators who have yet to have the opportunity to have their voices heard particularly BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and other #OwnVoices as a fellow queer woman of color. She longs to see uplifting stories from these communities rather than ones that focus on the trauma that comes from being a part of them. Sheyla would love to see stories filled with myth, magic, and a healthy dose of smut when appropriate. Alternatively, she would love to see Percy Jackson-esque Middle Grade fiction; the type she can giggle along with as she reads them to her own children. Stories set in other lands, or other worlds tend to be her go to choice when reading so fill her inbox with them!

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