Online Workshop Testimonials

ONLINE: Writing Day Workshops plans both in-person and virtual/online conferences. The 2024 WWSF is an Online Conference, on April 5-6. Online events are easy and awesome, and the virtual events we’ve done thus far have received wonderful feedback. You do not have to be tech-savvy to do this, and understand we are keeping all aspects of a traditional in-person event, including one-on-one agent & editor pitching, which will now be done by Zoom or phone. Learn all details about what it means to have a writers conference online.)

2024 WWSF registration is now open!


“After attending the [online] Colorado Writing Workshop, I signed
with a literary agent! I am so delighted. I received interest from multiple
agents and signed with Keely Boeving from WordServe Literary. I am thrilled.”
– writer Brie R. Doyle

“I got an offer of representation from an agent at the [online]
Boston Writing Workshop. I can’t thank you enough for
your incredible hard work in organizing the conference.
– writer Anoop Ahuja Judge

“I ended up signing up with agent Michael Carr of Veritas Literary
following the [online] Boston Writing Conference. As a non-US
author and non-native English speaker living outside the big
literary hubs, the opportunity to connect with industry
professionals via Zoom was invaluable for me.”
– writer Didem Tali

“After pitching to book agent Nikki Terpilowski through the [online]
Colorado Writing Workshop, she wants to represent my book. Thank
you for your wonderful online conference and for making this connection possible.”

– writer Karen Harlin


“I am so grateful for having the opportunity to join the conference. It’s hard to believe the conference is normally not on line. Thanks so much for all of your efforts. Job well done by all!”
Kimberly B., online Michigan Writing Workshop attendee

“HOW EASY WAS THAT on the participant’s end?!?!?! Thank you for putting on a fabulous online event … it ran smooth and was informative.”
Cindy K., online Michigan Writing Workshop attendee

“I was so impressed with the workshop, and I can’t imagine the extra time and stress it took to implement the change to an online format. Kudos to you and the presenters.”
Wendy W., online Michigan Writing Workshop attendee

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.35.02 PM

A class like “Ask an Agent Anything” allows attendees to get their questions answered.

“And thank you also to you and your team for putting on an amazing workshop, under the circumstances. This was well worth the investment. I just cannot express enough how much I learned, how better my manuscript is (the editor you provided did an AMAZING job editing it and giving me feedback), my query letter and understanding of the process, etc. I could go on. I thought I knew a lot coming in, but I learned so much more.”
—Becky S., online Michigan Writing Workshop attendee

“Personally, Brian, I think you all did an excellent job and as to the fact of a bit of a transition, got it. You and your colleagues carried off what I would describe as a helluva job this weekend and I appreciated the results.”
—Michelle R., online Michigan Writing Workshop attendee

“This was my first time joining WDW, and even done virtually it was an incredible experience. I value all of your time and energy that went into making this possible, so thank you. The classes I attended were informative, covering a wide array of pertinent topics, and the presenters personable. And having the opportunity to pitch to agents (which was successful!) was wonderful. I also wanted to share how deeply your positivity impacted me. It is such a joy to be in a community that is so supportive, as you are, but also one where positivity dominates. It truly does promote a feeling of togetherness even while self-quarantining.”
—Brianna S., online Michigan Writing Workshop attendee

“I wanted to thank you for such a great writers workshop! It was great and very informative. I learned a lot. I wish that I had done it before. You and the others were great. Thanks for the extra help when my Zoom was acting wonky and answering my questions. I greatly appreciate it. I hope to do this workshop again. Thanks for making this a great experience! I am looking forward to any other workshops you are planning. All the best!”
—Tom S., online Michigan Writing Workshop attendee

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.39.59 PM

The “Writers Got Talent” midday panel allows attendees to submit their unpublished first pages and get feedback from attending agents.

“You did such a wonderful job pulling off this event and I am so happy we were all able to join online. I am excited about next year’s event and can’t wait to meet you in person.”
—Cherie S., online Michigan Writing Workshop attendee

“Just a note of thanks for a great workshop. Doing it online worked well.”
—Kim B-H., online North Carolina Writing Workshop attendee

“Thank you for hosting the 2020 North Carolina Writing Workshop. It was extremely well done and user friendly. Technology is not my strong suit so the fact that I navigated the whole thing effortlessly, really speaks to the organization used to set the workshop up. It was a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to sign up for another one!”
—Nancy M., online North Carolina Writing Workshop attendee

“Hi Brian – I just wanted to thank you for today.  I was resistant to the online idea, but it was actually a very painless experience and I think it was very well coordinated and informative.”
—Donna C., online North Carolina Writing Workshop attendee

“Attended last year’s workshop [in-person], and it was great — but this year, I was blown away by it and by the speakers.”
—Tammy Y., online North Carolina Writing Workshop attendee

“This was my third Writing Day Workshop (I attended in St. Paul twice), and I found it the most easy and satisfying. Since I live 5 hours from St. Paul, it was great not to have to travel, arrange lodging, etc. I hope you plan more of these online workshops. The agent sessions were invaluable to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
—Ann M., online Cincinnati Writing Workshop attendee

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.36.59 PM

Online classes can feature one or several teachers. In this class, 5 literary agents are joining together to offer advice to attendee writers.

“I have to say I really loved this format. Great quality on the audio and video. Once again thank you for rearranging this as an online event. I think this holds promise for the future. I look forward to checking out the upcoming schedule and maybe hitting a few more.”
—Nikolas E., online Cincinnati Writing Workshop attendee

“I thought it was wonderful. Having the event online actually allowed me to go this year, so I was particularly excited! I felt like all of the sessions were informative and just as helpful if we had been there live. There’s a certain aspect I really loved — no interrupting the presenter with all questions at the end. It was very fluid this way. And since I missed part of a presentation during a pitch, I’m very glad we can go back and listen again.”
—Stef K., online Cincinnati Writing Workshop attendee

“I now have an agent! I signed an author-agent agreement with Jessica Schmeidler of Golden Wheat Literary.”
—Dionne J., online Cincinnati Writing Workshop attendee

“Thank you! The workshop was my first, and I learned so much. I really appreciate the adaptations you all managed to keep it going. I hope you all stay happy and healthy!”
—Andy B., online Cincinnati Writing Workshop attendee

“I thought the online format worked really well. And thank you for recording the sessions — it was nice to not stress about missing parts when I had meetings with agents! Finally, having the additional recorded classes made this an even better value. I look forward to watching them.”
—Brie W., online Cincinnati Writing Workshop attendee

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.43.27 PM

Each online conference class is about 60 minutes. Topics vary the gamut, but everything has to do with writing better, pitching agents, selling books, and understanding the publishing world.

“The conference was informative, enlightening and illuminating. Can you tell I’m inspired?”
—Terry S., online Cincinnati Writing Workshop attendee

“This conference was fantastic! I will certainly attend more in the future. The ability to pitch to agents was invaluable! You were so organized! I appreciated your emails which were very clear and helpful. And to schedule all of those people with all of those agents and avoid conflicts – I don’t know how you did it! And great job with making a smooth transition to an online conference. Thank you so much!”
—David K., online Cincinnati Writing Workshop attendee

“Hi Chuck, just wanted to say thanks for a great conference. I was skeptical, as I’ve been to plenty of virtual meetings lately that were less than interesting. But today’s conference was excellent. I enjoyed all the sessions, learned a lot, had 3 great pitch sessions, and can hardly wait until the tapes are available because there are several sessions I want to watch/listen to again, including the agent panel. They were so insightful with their comments. That was a master class in and of itself. You did a great job of putting this all together and being there when the speakers needed you. You put out timely information and answered questions quickly. Many, many thanks for a great conference.”
—Val M., online Cincinnati Writing Workshop attendee

“Thank you for a great conference, Chuck! I look forward to attending another in the future.”
—Lisa P., online Cincinnati Writing Workshop attendee

“I absolutely loved this experience, and how smoothly it all went. The first pages session was wonderful. The pitch sessions all went smoothly with strong, trouble free connections. So organized, so well run, and responsive. You are amazing, WDW. We want more!”
—Mary F., online Cincinnati Writing Workshop attendee

“Thank you so much for a great conference. I appreciate how you were all over the details, gave us tons of information, and had a great line-up of speakers. I learned what I needed to know, and found the pitch time with Rachelle Gardner to be especially helpful. She gets right to the point and really gives great feedback in a concise way. It was well worth the time.”
—Colleen S., online Cincinnati Writing Workshop attendee

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for arranging an awesome Seattle Writing Workshop in Saturday. I had a full day of pitching agents and felt I got a lot out of it.”
—Holly C., online Seattle Writing Workshop attendee

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.38.32 PM

During each 60-minute session, attendees have the ability to submit their questions through a Chat Box. Teachers stop and answer questions throughout.

“Dear Chuck and workshop team, I can only imagine the time, organization and the number of people it must have taken to put on the Seattle Writing Workshop. Thank you all for your efforts. I enjoyed the format, and frankly, I prefer the online workshops, especially for Seattle where people have to take ferries and make arrangements to spend the night ahead for an early morning start. The other nice thing about the online registration for each class is I printed out my confirmation sheet that pops up after registering. It took seconds to register for all the classes I wanted. Then I took notes on the backside of the registration print out. So convenient! Thanks again, and I’m looking forward to more of this kind of workshops.”
—Carol L., online Seattle Writing Workshop attendee

“Hi Chuck & team – I just want to thank you for hosting the Seattle conference and numerous agents. I’m so glad I found your team via Google search last year. The notes on my query letter were very helpful, the webinar I attended was filled with valuable information, and out of 2 agents pitched, both are willing to take a look at my book. Just wanted to thank you very much for what you do for writers like me. Thanks a million!”
—Heather M., online Seattle Writing Workshop attendee

“Thank you so much to you and your entire staff for putting this weekend together! I can’t imagine how difficult it was to coordinate everything, but you made it appear effortless! What an incredible opportunity! I have so much new information my brain is swimming! Most especially, I feel so inspired to write! The speakers were knowledgeable, thorough, and explained everything really well. I feel so fortunate to have been able to attend this weekend. I can’t wait for the next one! You and your staff have earned a well-deserved rest, put your feet up, and pat yourselves on the back. Thanks again for everything!”
—Kara L., online Seattle Writing Workshop attendee

“Awesome conference! I was a bit skeptical at first when I heard how it would be done in light of the COVID-19 virus, but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised! I enjoyed it immensely and hope next year I am able to actually attend on site! Thanks again!”
—Buford J., online Michigan Writing Workshop attendee

“It was impressive that you were able to switch to the online platform in such a short time and then make it work. I even gave it as an example of a successful seminar in a (Zoom) meeting at work. You were particularly good as a host and emcee. I look forward to this event all year and promote it to my writing group. I am so glad that we were able to enjoy some of the sessions live, and to have all of the presentations recorded is a bonus. Sometimes I have a hard time choosing one session over the others, and this year I didn’t have to.”
—Vicki B., online Michigan Writing Workshop attendee

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