Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Chiara Rosati of Veritas Literary Agency

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.21.00 PM.pngChiara Rosati is a literary agent with Veritas Literary Agency.

She is seeking: literary fiction, middle grade, young adult, new adult, women’s studies, and narrative nonfiction.

Chiara attended Middlebury College in Vermont where she cultivated her love for literature and mastered the Italian language. Prior to joining Veritas, she served as legal counsel to emerging companies in Silicon Valley. Chiara’s passion for nuanced expression in the written form, combined with her devotion to nurturing clients and their creations, fuels her artistic mission: that of helping noteworthy manuscripts make the transformative journey into published works.

When not reading, writing, talking or dreaming about books, Chiara plays with her son who is the light of her life and enjoys correcting her pronunciation from time to time.